Sunday, 16 May 2010

Cancer Salesman gets Vogon Support

Kay Cutts has offered her support and pleasure at the return of Ken Clarke to government. In a throwback to the 1980s Cutts is said to be proposing that all tory members of council should donne similar dress to that now being worn by Mr Clarke as a mark of respect. This new dress code has been welcomed by Mr and Mrs Quidsin as they were told the cost of the new uniform may be covered by extra expenses.

The former health minister while away from Government has been spending his spare time while being an MP in selling lung Cancer to the third world and a number of lucrative directorships. He is said to be very pleased with himself and his new frock, as the picture clearly shows.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Vogons may need to Carry Wing Mirrors

Following the failure of Bruce (subsidy junkie) Laughton to win the Gedling seat in the general election, (against all the national trends), Vogons may need to start wearing wing mirrors.

If you saw the results on TV Mr Laughton was clearly not happy when he lost the vote. Its widely thought in County Hell politics that he has just been waiting his time. As an alleged rival to Cutts our message to the Vogon leader get some wing mirrors you may need to watch your back, as Brucie may have ambitions?

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A lucky win

Cllr Eric Kerry has cause to celebrate. Not only has his football club, although almost bankrupt and saved from the brink, after he sold it to the highest bidder won the championship, but he has collected several thousands of pounds from the bookmakers. Last year when he was a director, he placed a bet on Notts County Football Club to win the championship at 33:1, when no one thought they had a chance. Of course it was fortuitous for him that within days great things happened and they landed Sven Ericsson as manager and the odds immediately shortened. See here for how I reported it at the time.

Now he will enjoy the fruits of his lucky gamble. Perhaps he may even share it with the hapless residents of Beeston who will pay his parking tax without the benefit of his Councillors allowance for good causes. (see here for details)