Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Keith (Tourettes now F*** Off) Girling is a TW*T

Keith “Tourettes now F*** Off” Girling as he is now known in County Hell turns out is really a delicate flower (TW*T).

So much so we have now been told via a high level tory leak that the porcine TW*T allegedly had a formal caution placed on a member of county hell staff’s record for swearing in front of him (TW*T) recently. We are told although the person apologised this was not good enough for our Keith (TW*T), and formal disciplinary action had to be taken.

Perhaps this just another example of Tory double standards or maybe Keith (Tourettes now F*** Off) Girling is just an overweight TW*T.

Sorry for any offence Keith only joking

And by the way that is "TWIT"!

Only Joking,

No offence intended.

:) LOL

Friday, 17 December 2010

Happy Christmas to all at Church Lane Cotgrave

All in the Highways Dept at Notts county Council would like to wish a Happy Christmas to all who live in Church Lane Cotgrave.

We hope you all liked your early present, especially Cllr Butler.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Man Walks Into a Bar OUCH

All is not happy in Tory ranks so the County Councillor for Newark West, (Keith "Porcine" Girling) has been doing his bit to cheer them up via facebook.

Cuddly Keith was one of the Tory funsters who happily voted through cuts to Special Educational funding and of course, reductions in grant aid to numerous organisations throughout the County, who deal with people who have special needs.

In a show of sympathy, he made this comedic posting on his Facebook wall: (click on the pic to enlarge).

"I don't normally put swear words up on here but this did make me laugh......I parked in a disabled space today and a traffic warden shouted.........."Oi, what's your disability?"I said, "Tourettes! Now fuck off."

This was much to the amusement of his friends, with many LOLs and comments about people who suffer from various ticks.

Cllr Girling's attempt to play the King of Comedy doesn't do much for his credentials as a County Councillor, who pledge to respect and represent people regardless of any disabilities.
Perhaps this attitude shows us why he's happy to vote for cuts to services for the disabled. If Keith knew which of his Tory facebook chums had leaked this he may start to deveop some ticks himself.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

From our own correspondent

Kay Cutts looked like she was going to explode today in full Council:

A Beeston member asked her about the transfer of some land for the tram to the City Council. Evidently her second hand car salesman transport portfolio holder won't sell it so the City Council are getting a compulsory purchase order - a long, expensive drawn out business. I'll now quote a witness:

"The member asked her a straightforward question about the transfer of the land to which she replied rather curtly that a compulsory land transfer arrangement, not purchase was under way and her colour slowly changed from Vogon green to a lighter shade of red. The member then asked how she squared this with her promise not to obstruct the tram and that it may cost her friends in the City Council over £200,000 to get the compulsory order, how could she justify that waste of public money during these difficult times? Her complexion then went through the various stages of red to glowing traffic light, we all thought she was about to burst. She finally just stuttered out something about them not selling voluntarily before sitting down, looking rather embarrassed. We then realised why - sitting directly behind her was a glowering Leader of the City Council; Jon Collins."

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Paying for your own office

The Conservative administration has just thought of another way to save money. Making people pay for their own office space. After all they argue jobs are now so difficult to find and it is very benovolent of us to give you a job so we shall jolly well make you pay for it.

Alternatively you can work from home and pay your own heating, lighting and other expenses. Just to show that they care (about Rushcliffe) they'll start off by shutting all the offices which are on the wrong side of the Trent. So it's good by to most if not all Mansfield offices; Broxtowe, Retford and Mansfield touchdowns, Mercury House Annesley, Chancery Lane Retford and anywhere else they can think of where dirty miners once worked or there are unfriendly councillors.

Of course County Hall will be preserved and probably expanded which just goes to show there's no place like the south.