Thursday, 29 April 2010

Well we have seen the county tories what next

This blog is normally a bit cheeky and we had vowed we would keep it down during the election.

However we have been sent a link to this rather moving blog. This for once this shows the real affect of whats going on without our jaundiced eye.

USE YOUR VOTE, but use it wisely!

How to spend a penny (but only if its yours)

A number of corespondents from County Hell have informed that the updated councillors allowances have been published for the year. It seems that just being a councillor is worth £12,900 a year whilst the "Leader" of the council receives an additional £30,000+ allowance. Then of, course, there appears to be lots of "expenses" which can also be claimed, as well as money for sitting of committees or having a cabinet post.

One wit has said the only thing they don't seem to be able to claim for is a visit to the loo!. But they do claim to spend a penny as long as its yours.

No wonder Cllr and Cllr Quigley are now widely known as Mr and Mrs Quidsin.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Calling all developers

I am told that an advert appeared in the Guardian last Thursday for Care homes in Nottinghamshire. The descriptions sounded remarkably like those owned by the County and which Kay Cutts, Bruce Laughton and Mel Shepherd are keen to turn into cash.

If you are interested in picking up a bargain then there will be an event for potential bidders on 29 April 2010. For further details contact Cherry Dunk, Strategic Development Programme Manager at County Hall; or phone (0115) 977 3268.

What happened to the 12 months moritorium? Not even 12 weeks.

Of course with the Councillor who thought Munto Finance would be good for Notts County about to get promoted within the vogon administration we can expect some wonders now.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Building in Green Belt

There is much argument about building in the Green Belt throughout the County. Kay Cutts and others declare their ownership of great areas of Notts which undoubtedly would become very valuable if planning permission were granted. However, a general election looms and all plans for these massive developments (especially around Hucknall, Radcliffe and Trowell) have been kept very quiet.

Unfortunately they forgot to brief the national party and one senior Tory accidentally let the cat out the bag:

Stewart Jackson, (I claimed £66,000 expenses for my swimming pool click here) the Shadow Minister for Communities and development proposed at a recent Nottinghamshire Fire Committee meeting that new fire stations be built in Green Belt away from the communities which they serve. At first this was thought of as a very silly money saving exercise (Green belt land is cheap and the old fire station sites could be sold for development) but hearing this and comparing it to documents/email exchanges anonymously released to me show the real reason for establishing the fire stations in the centres of projected communities.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A double whammy for Beeston

Feckless Eric Kerry the ex-director of Notts County who thought Munto finance was a good idea (see here for the fans view of this gentleman) is now showing his skills at ensuring Beeston gets nothing - except a bill.

Not content with imposing a tax on the residents of Beeston Rylands which will raise £10,000 it has now been revealed that he has not bothered to claim over £5000 of grant available for councillors to spend on worthy causes within their divisions. Obviously he doesn't consider the local schools, guides, scouts,community centres, football or cricket clubs etc as worthy of getting this money. He's voluntarily given it back to Kay Cutts to spend on far more useful things such as spin doctors and office refurbishments at County Hall. This should land him in the Vogon's very good books.

Arise Sir Eric - Honorary Knight of the Vogon Empire.