Sunday, 11 July 2010

Spain celebrates

Spain wakes up this morning to celebrate as World Cup winners. They also have something else to celebrate; Nottinghamshire County Council are going to help their banking industry.

Last November I revealed how the County planned to sell off their care homes, some of which sit on very valuable building land. In the new year, following a 13,000 petition the Vogon administration announces a 12 month moritorium on the sale. Less than 12 weeks later they placed an advert in the national press for the homes. Now I can announce that the sale should be complete by September and the prferred bidder is the Spanish owned Santander Bank.

Of course, once they've looked up where such places as Chilwell and Worksop are, they may turn out be an excellent provider of care, especially for those with Alzhiemers - or they may just turn out to want to maximise their profits and keep an eye on the day centres which also sit on valuable building plots and will soon be up for grabs.

Spain is laughing all the way to the bank this morning.