Monday, 27 September 2010

5p per building plot sale now on

Yes that's right you could have a prime building plot in Toton for just 5p. Not even the nearby Lidl store can compete with this generosity!

Some 8 years ago a developer applied for permission to build a large estate in Toton. The local MP and the Council insisted that thought be given to also building a school as the two local junior schools were full to bursting. Planning permission was granted and the land set aside, with a sum of money to build the school. Understandably the last County Council wanted to wait until the homes were sold and the young couples moving in actually bred before committing to build the school so a 5 year period was allowed from the first house being occupied to the school building being started. However, it was written into the permission that if the school was not built then the developer could buy the land back for £1 and build 20 more houses. That 5 year period is up early next year, the local schools are so full that children have to be bussed up to 5 miles to other schools but the County will not build.

Could it be because they have spent their budget propping up Danecourt school with falling roles, a debt of £1.1m and a Vogon as governor? Or is there a more sinister reason why a developer should gain a piece of land worth millions for just £1?

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Let them Eat Cake

I have received a report from a local school teacher in one of the more deprived areas of the county who was doing an exercise on healthy eating with her class of 8 years olds. They were asked to draw a picture of what they had for dinner last night.

One girl was not drawing, and when asked why she said, I did not have any dinner my mum was out and no one gave me anything. While you have to blame the parent, this poor kids only proper dinner is her free school meal.

The very meals that Cutts and Co say don't matter, are not needed and a waste of tax payer money. These are said to be next on the local Tory hit list with Cutts doing the dirty work for Eaton educated Gove and Cameron and their poodle democrat mate Clegg, in their Multi-millionaire public school educated government, who know nothing or care nothing of kids like this poor girl.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

When I'm Cleaning Windows

Quite unsterdandably a lot of people are planning their exit strategy from County Hell. The latest count is over 2000, which will be the people now best serving the County and naturally we wish them well for the future. Several are sounding out other employers and looking for new careers.

However, the public have started to speak and as the election result in Worksop clearly shows the days of Vogon rule are limited; we only need 2 more bye-elections.

At least one County Councillor, Eric Kerry has his escape route planned and is practising his new-found skills. As the picture above shows, Beeston will soon have another busker on the streets.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Popularity Poll

I don't think I need elaborate further on this week's election result in the "Quidsins" Quigley's back yard:

County - Worksop West 2010

Coleman (Ind) 13
Dawes (Ind) 56
Duveen (Lib Dem) 88 (!)
Greaves (Lab) 1457
Thorpe (Con) 755

Compare this to County - Worksop West 2009

Bennett (Con) 1403
Hunter (Lib Dem) 449
Potts (Lab) 909

Et Tu Brute?

Perhaps Kay Cutts had better rehearse Julius Caesar’s dying words as Brutus stuck the knife in.

Her latest right hand man Cllr Eric Kerry who handed over £5,000 to Cutts saved from money earmarked for Beeston and then imposed a new tax on those hapless residents seems to have turned. He not only presented a petition with an amazing 2,500 signatures to save the Middle St Resource Centre, which sits on a very valuable piece of building land which Kay Cutts is determined to sell, but spoke well and favourably for its salvation. So eloquently in fact that he drew a round of applause from the opposition benches.

It has been heard whispered how extremely courageous Cllr Kerry has been and others are waiting see what support he has before joining his faction.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Standing up for Beeston

A Beeston reader tells me that I get a positive mention in the local independent paper; "The Beeston Express". I'm glad to stand up for Beeston & Chilwell as none of the Tory County Councillors seem to be doing so.

Their Conservative Councillor Eric Kerry certainly has a problem. Having imposed the home place parking levy and returned £5,000 of money earmarked for Beeston to Kay Cutts, for her spin doctor's rise in salary he now has been asked, by a group of residents to present a petition to full council on Thursday. This is about the Vogon plan to close the Middle St resource centre (the land is worth a fortune; right on the tram route with a stop next door). At first the local MP; Anna Soubry supported Kay Cutts in this closure so did Eric Kerry. Now, as popular opinion swings against this, the MP has done a 180 degree turn and opposes closure (she did exactly the same with the Bramwell care home sell off). What will Eric do, lose chances of promotion within the County or fall out with his other boss? I suggest that he takes a leaf out of the Quidsins book; see here how situations like this are dealt with, Retford fish wife style.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Library staff to go

A highly confidential source tells me that plans are at an advanced stage to reduce the number of full time staff in each library to a maximum of one. The other jobs will be done by volunteers drafted in from the community.

If a library can't get enough volunteers then it closes.

This is all very well for the leafy suburbs such as West Bridgford, Arnold or Beeston where no doubt volunteers will be found from the masses of middle classes with time on their hands. Not so good for places such as Ollerton, Worksop and Retford - but as one senior Tory was heard to mutter - "who cares?"