Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Feckless Eric

Eric Kerry the champion of the "home place parking levy" is said to be fuming about his appearance in the parish newsletter.

However one of his Tory colleagues cant stop laughing apparently, and we have been told is going round telling everyone in county hell how upset poor old "Feckless" Eric is.

All Quiet for the Election? SSSSHHH

More rumours are starting to circulate in County Hell about the next phase of Cutts and service cost increases. However word on the street is that the vogon has had her card marked to keep her head down while the general election looms.

The rumours are that plans are being drawn up for more changes to the library service in areas of the county as yet unaffected, with reduced opening hours in many larger libraries and possible closure of smaller sub-libraries that already have limited opening (to be replaced with the library van one a week I suppose). It is also alleged that large increases in hire costs for the use of public rooms for community groups in council facilities may be proposed, to bring them more in line with commercial charges for conference facilities. ("after all we are a professional commercial council" it has been said.)

We are told this is just the start again, and have more info in hand but any further news from parishioners to help collaborate stories circulating about the next round of Vogon axe wielding would be very useful.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Taxes by another name

There is uproar in Beeston about the proposed parking tax for residents to park outside their own homes. This is causing the local Tory Councillor; Eric Kerry, quite a lot of heartache and earache.

His latest spin to justify this is to say in an email, recently forwarded to me that there has been no increase in the County's proportion of council tax so a £25 charge for parking has had to be made. The resident points out to me that her council tax would have gone up by just £22.64 per annum had Notts County Council put up council taxes by 2.8% - in line with recommendations and other authorities in the area.

So according to and thanks to Councillor Kerry this lady (whose Council tax has gone up anyhow) will now, at a stroke be worse off. That's before any cuts in service are taken into account.

But we will soon have a spin doctor to explain why we should be grateful.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Looking after the pennies

Just when you thought the Vogon controlled County Council had hit the depths for meanness they manage to go a step lower. Not content with closing day centres, selling off homes and slasahing travel concessions to the minimum, the latest attack on the disabled is to charge them to use the scooters provided at Sherwood Forest and Newstead Abbey.

It is estimated that the revenue so raised will provide approximately 3hrs of spin doctors' time per annum (£70K salary) - his second job, after justifying his own appointment will be to explain why this is such a good idea.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Another 119,000 reasons why the care homes must be sold

Kay Cutts considers that the service director or head of Vogon Propoganda (£70,000 per annum) will need careful management. She is therefore about to advertise for "Director of Improvement" and the salary..... A whopping £119,000 per annum. This on the day that carers receive letters telling them that the council can't afford to pay for their bus travel when accompanying their loved ones who are confined to a wheelchair.

Of course the Tory argument is that once the care homes and day centres are shut there will be no need for disabled people to go anywhere anyhow.

Let's hope Cutts, Jackson, Laughton, Shepherd and Co or any of their families never need care, or need to go to a day centre .

Monday, 15 March 2010

Hear no evil

Nearly every council in the UK keep recordings of major debates. This is in addition to the minutes and can be used if there is a dispute over who said what.

Not Nottinghamshire.

To do so would be an extreme embarrassment to such people as Ms Quigley when she ranted and raved over a petition she was forced to present. We must rely on eye-witnesses (see here for a report on Ms Quigley's performance). Recording equipment is banned from the public gallery so no chance of anyone providing evidence from there.

Of course the up-side is that we don't have to suffer Vogon poetry (reputed to be the worst in the universe). The down-side is that councillors can say and behave as they wish knowing it will go no further.

Unless of course someone has sneaked in a recording machine........

Friday, 5 March 2010

If You Could Not Laugh You Would Cry

A Witness to the recent sham debate on the budget Cutts has reported as follows

"I popped along to the Nottinghamshire County Council budget meeting for a couple of hours. The Conservatives found great amusement in the plans to cut funding for mental and physical therapy for mentally and physically disabled children and adults at the Dukeries College in Nottinghamshire, which serves a very large part of the Newark & Sherwood and Bassetlaw constituencies. They all sat and laughed at the idea to withdraw the service."

The View of my corespondent was they could not care less and thought the most serious budget debate in years was a joke.

The names of those who were laughing will appear in due course after I have checekd a few other bits in the confessional about there sham behaviour. I am told a lot of people are very upset with the way they behaved