Thursday, 25 March 2010

Taxes by another name

There is uproar in Beeston about the proposed parking tax for residents to park outside their own homes. This is causing the local Tory Councillor; Eric Kerry, quite a lot of heartache and earache.

His latest spin to justify this is to say in an email, recently forwarded to me that there has been no increase in the County's proportion of council tax so a £25 charge for parking has had to be made. The resident points out to me that her council tax would have gone up by just £22.64 per annum had Notts County Council put up council taxes by 2.8% - in line with recommendations and other authorities in the area.

So according to and thanks to Councillor Kerry this lady (whose Council tax has gone up anyhow) will now, at a stroke be worse off. That's before any cuts in service are taken into account.

But we will soon have a spin doctor to explain why we should be grateful.

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