Friday, 25 February 2011

Who dares?

Evidently there is a dare going around County Hell. Who will be the first to wear a Vogon mask? Thre's serious money for the first one, click here for details - it would make a good top up to the redundancy we all face after yesterday's budget.

Let the show go on....

Yesterday the Conservative County Council voted through £150m in cuts against a background of a strike and demonstration by the Unions outside.

Just in case those outside find the days long and in need of of entertainment they can always attend the free pantomine kindly laid on for their entertainment by Cutts and Co. Here is a report of yesterday's highlights:

Cllr Carol (Peppa Pig) Pepper describing voluntary sector workers as 'a bunch of whingers and moaners who are only interested in looking after their own jobs'.

Cllrs Stuart Wallace and Sue Saddington having a good chuckle whilst a serious point was being made by a Labour Member about the effects of cuts on organisations offering support to victims of domestic violence.

Cllr Jason (Little Boy Blue) Zardrozny the Lib Dem Leader sneaking into the meeting at approx 7pm. Eight and a half hours late without any explanation, saying nothing in the debate and glumly half putting his hand up to vote against the Tory budget along with his Lib Dem lapdogs...Shhhhh, don't tell Cleggy!

The LibDems having it both ways (ooooer) by attacking Labour and voting against the Tories. Opportunism at its very best!

Stiff competition for best beet impression between Cllrs Alan Clarke and Mike (Quids in) Quigley....they stand need to blush.

Cllr Tom Irvine (The Rockin' Reverend) maintaining 100% absence from voting at Council meetings by wandering off before the end.

Laugh, the Beano would have loved 'em!!