Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Home Fit for a Vogon????

Word on the street is the Vogon wants a new leafy residence in the same way the PM has Chequers. It is being whispered that she wants to take over Newstead Abbey from the City as it sounds a nice place. Unfortunately, as she has never been north of the Trent for fear of meeting a working class person, she does not know it's a ruin and won't be able to move in.

What we think it's about is that she does not want the City to have anything in her patch. How (against officers advice it is said) she can want to take this on (and the costs) while making CUTTS to vital services is yet to be explained.

Snouts in the Trough

Q. How do ex-miners from Ollerton, Blidworth, Mansfield or Worksop get to travel first class?

A. Become a Tory County Councillor or get a top paid job at County Hell or leafy Rushcliffe Borough Council.

See here for details.

Ollerton - thanks but who cares?

Ollerton was the scene of the first conflict in the bitter miners' strike, in the mid 80's when a Yorkshire picket lost his life. The Ollerton miners worked throughout the strike but to show the government's gratitude were dumped less than 10 years later. On the afternoon of Tuesday 20 September 1994 Kay Cutts hero, Margaret Thatcher's dream of shutting the Pit came to reality and 1000 miners were chucked on the dole. Fortunately for them we had a more caring County Council at the time and a major regeneration program created the "Sherwood Energy Village", which brought in 1,500 new jobs on to the derelict site. However, it soon became clear that the road infrastructure would become inadequate and needed improvement if the energy village were to expand or even survive; read here how the County Council were to do this. Unfortunately the Vogons then landed and once the new administration realised that Ollerton was up north, full of ex-miners and not part of leafy Rushcliffe or Broxtowe a U turn was done. The road improvements were cancelled. Now of course the pay off has happened and the Energy Village has gone bankrupt, see here for details.

Of course this will simply be water off a ducks back to the administration at County Hell, just as 1000 miners on the dole was to the Conservative Government in 1994. Neither have the faintest idea, or interest in where Ollerton is.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Top Heavy Council

Following on from my item last week, which followed one of your valuable leaks more detail has become available regarding one of the posts I alluded to below and the story broke here last Thursday and makes the Sunday Telegraph tomorrow, see here for the article.

Please keep the information coming; once you've exited by the back door (unless you are senior enough), from home computers of course.

I understand that I'm still getting under Kay Cutts skin and she may soon be spending another £80,000 in a futile attempt to find me.

Upstairs Downstairs

If you are one of those who actually run the County and make things work in Nottinghamshire and are fortunate enough not be made redundant then you must keep out the way and use the back door at County Hell.

Only elected members, senior officers (see below) and visitors are permitted in the front entrance according to a new directive from the Vogon. I understand that it was to be for Cabinet Members and their guests only as it was thought by some that we really can't have un-bred Labour and Liberal Democrat members making the place look untidy. They might invite all sorts of riff-raff along like trade unionists and working-type people.

However, I'm glad to say that was seen as a Vogon policy too far.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Vogon space ships?

It seems that over the years a number of UFO sightings have taken place in West Bridgford. See here for a summary of recent ones.

There are some who think this may have something to do with recent increased Vogon activity reported at County Hell.

A top heavy Council

Managing 3,000 fewer people is going to be a nightmare for Vogon Cutts, Subsidy junkie Laughton, second hand car dealer Jackson, "I sold Notts County to the highest bidder" Kerry, the Quidsins and others. That's why we not only have 3 extra cabinet positions (with extra allowances) but to help them out 14 senior officer posts on over £100k p.a. instead of the 10 before the Vogons landed.

Who mentioned pigs with snouts and trotters in the trough?

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Told you so

Firstly apologies for not posting for a few weeks. I'm still here and still watching.

It really is with regret that I note my predictions and leaks from County Hell have proved to be an underestimate of the true Vogon/second hand car salesman/Masonic proposals. I said here that 531 jobs would have to go for starters to pay for the misguided policies such as Bruce Laughton's anti-bus plug and Richard Jackson's anti-tram strategies. Now it has become clear that was a complete underestimate of costs. The Chilwell second hand car dealer's latest ploy to try to stop the tram will for instance cost another £200,000 with a futile and unnecessary public inquiry whilst Bruce Laughton plans his next move. Another top director is needed on top of all the spin doctors to work out how to implememt all this see here for details.

The top and bottom is that 3000 jobs, including almost the entire permanent Library staff will have to go.

See here for what a complete joke this council has become.