Friday, 16 October 2009

Budget - 531 redundancies for starters

Kay Cutts has made it clear there will be draconian cutts. In an interview on Radio Nottingham she has said that it’s not her job to talk to the unions. She doesn’t seem to like talking to anyone so please keep the information coming this way.

I have got these costings for her various election pledges and actions to date (number of front-line jobs lost in brackets):

To remove the Gedling bus plug; £7.5m (300 jobs lost)

To withdraw from the tram; £5m (200)

To pay for transport improvements in Independent members divisions (see here as to why); £300,000 (12)

To establish 3 new cabinet positions; £168,000 (6.7)

To refurbish her office; £11,000 (0.44)

To remove the stained glass windows; £1500 (0.06)

To plug leaks & seek the Rev Rushcliffe; £12,000 (0.5)

To provide a fountain; £300,000 (12)

Total £13.293m (531.7)

Kay Cutts talks of a further 10% reduction but before she starts she has to add 531 to the total of job losses.

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