Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Road (Bus, Train, Tram, Bike, Car, Lorry and Van) to Hell

Nottinghamshire County Council is about to reveal the most sustainable transport policy in the UK. This policy is everyone is going to have to walk.

The reason being is said by well placed sources to be "The most stupid, non-sensical and dogmatic thing this council has yet done, even by their own poor standards".

It is planning to withdraw from the agreement the County has with the City to consider all transport and planing within Greater Nottingham as a unified entity. i.e. Nottingham City does not exists in the minds of Ms Cutts and her transport puppet, ex secondhand car dealer Richard (the mason) Jackson.

In the past there has been a North Notts transport plan, and quite sensibly a
Greater Nottingham plan, formed jointly by both Councils. This has been the case for years. Instead there will now be a transport plan for the whole of the County excluding the City and a transport plan for the City on its own, (It is said all against the advice of the County Transport Team).

But as the County surrounds the City, if you live in one of the suburbs of Nottingham which all transport to the City has to go through, forget it. The City will sort itself out, but the surrounding suburbs will be a disaster. Potentailly this means no more joined up bus services from County to City, no more joined up planning control, no more lobbying for rail improvements.

When the whole of South Notts comes to gridlock start walking.

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  1. Is there any truth in the rumour that the County Council are considering building a big Berlin-esk wall between themselves and the City?