Thursday, 1 October 2009

New Leak from County Hall

In a new leak from County Hall, (or County Hell as its now known).

We have been told Kay Cutts wants to replace the Mosaic in front of County Hall with a fountain. (We think to recognise the New administrations achievements over the last 5 months). Officers have spent some time investigating the proposal and have found that it would cost about £0.3m.

We have been told that Ms Cutts wants the fountain so much that funding options are being investigated. An increase in council tax perhaps, a diversion of one years tram funding or a ninth reuse of the bus money previously promised to buy off the 8 independent councillors, could all be options.

However Ms Cutts is alleged to believe that the fountain (we assume to mark her efforts) will be so popular that people will happily pay for it by public subscription.

If true we will send £1.50 from our funds for comedy value alone.

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