Friday, 23 October 2009

A tale of two Villages

They say it's not what you know (or do) it's a question of who you know. Take the case of two Nottinghamshire villages:

Blidworth is an ex-mining community. No-one has a swimming pool and horses are things you put money on. They have a dangerous road where sadly two people were killed a year ago. Since then there have been calls to have the speed limit reduced along certain sections of Main Road. There have been a number of other serious accidents involving injury.

Normanton-on-the Wolds is classical "stockbroker belt". Most people have their own swimming pool and horses abode in the several privately owned stables and paddocks. They have a rural road called Back Lane where there has never been a serious road accident and no representations for changes to the speed limit have been received.

Which one do you think had a Road Traffic Order to halve the speed limit "at a stroke"? - Normanton.

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