Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Taking a Gamble

The New Venture Social Club in Beeston Rylands is struggling. The Evening Post carries an
article today telling how Notts County Football Club backed out of a deal to take over the Rylands sport ground. Once all the clubs who played there left and the site became derelict in expectation of great things by the new masters of football, County pulled out of the deal leaving the strugling club with a lease on a derelict piece of land with no income. They could easily go bankrupt over this.

So what does the local Conservative Councillor do to help?

A reliable source tells us that he walked into the pub, beaming like a Cheshire Cat, waving a £100 betting slip for Notts County to win the Championship at 33:1. This bet was clearly placed before Sven took over, the odds then immediately shortened to 3:1. Oh yes and this Councillors involvement with Notts County - Director.

I'm sure the New Venture Club would find a good use for the winnings (or even the £100) - if they're still here next year.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Hunting We Shall Go

One of the few conservative election pledges for any future government will be to repeal the hunting ban as its seen as a civil liberties issues and a right of freedom. Kay Cutts is a member of the country land owners association an organisation known for their pro hunting stance.

Its a shame she does not consider the deportation of orphaned children worthy of a civil liberties stance (see item below) unlike presumably the rights of horsey types murdering defenceless animals in the name of sport.

However if rumours from tory HQ are correct Ms Cutts could soon be an endangered species herself.


Friday, 7 August 2009

Migrants Trust

From a well informed source:

At the back of County Hall near the river, you will find a tree planted in 2007 to mark the 60th anniversary of Britain's post war child migration schemes, in which young children were deported to Australia. The County Council has supported the Child Migrants Trust for many years. The trust, a registered charity, helps reunite British child migrants with their families in the UK.
Alongside the tree is an information board explaining about the charity and how it came into being. This has now been removed, apparently because Cutts 'doesn't like it'.

Another source tells me that Ms Cutts thinks this shows Britain in a bad light and so all reference to this charity should be removed from within County Hall.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Kay Cutts Adult Pass-times

Kay Cutts, the political opportunist, and out of her depth leader of the county council, has apperantly had the staff and community notice board removed from near the entrance to county hall.

It is suggested in the confessional that she said she did not find it "adult" enough.

I dont know what sort of adult material Kay Cutts likes but it wont be anything to do with political leadership.

Perhaps she likes to SHAFT people, (in the metaphorical/political sense of course).

Trouble is rumours abound that she is about to be shafted herself.

Plug OFF

So as speculated and now confirmed in the post it will cost 7.5m to remove the bus plug. Its also been reported it will also caused a reduction of 30% to bus services in the area.

Classic quote from tepid tory transport spokesman and ex car dealer Richard (the mason) Jackson. To paraphrase "I don't know whats going on!"


So all this from a council who was going to spend extra money on buses by saving 28million from the tram over 30 years. They have spent 7.5m reducing bus services by 30% in Gedling in another failed election promise.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Value for Money or how much was that fridge?

The chair of the parish council Ms Cutts in yet another piece doomed of political opportunism, has today in the paper complained about the work place parking Levy saying it too expensive.

However she is once again powerless to do anything about it.

However what she did have power to do (allegedly) is have a fridge installed in her refurbished office at COUNCIL TAX PAYERS EXPENSE, The Tory Gravy train has left the station.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Jackson Hole

This does not refer to the ski resort but could apply to the well known phrase when you are in a hole stop digging. But when you have a hole what you really need is a plug.

Or Perhaps a Bus Plug.

The latest undeliverable election promise would seem to be the removal of the Gedling bus plug that was promised as another Tory election bribe that they can't deliver. Well in the Evening post the latest in the saga has come out.

Tepid Tory transport member on Notts county council and ex second hand car dealer Richard Jackson seems to be having to back peddle faster than Sir Chris Hoy. As part of the condition for funding other projects in the area required a reduction in traffic. (Hence the bus plug). Take out the bus plug loose or have to pay back the funding.

That's over and above the half a million that it will cost to enforce traffic if its removed.

The figure of 7 million has been quoted from sources (to be confirmed as it may be unreliable).