Thursday, 6 August 2009

Plug OFF

So as speculated and now confirmed in the post it will cost 7.5m to remove the bus plug. Its also been reported it will also caused a reduction of 30% to bus services in the area.

Classic quote from tepid tory transport spokesman and ex car dealer Richard (the mason) Jackson. To paraphrase "I don't know whats going on!"


So all this from a council who was going to spend extra money on buses by saving 28million from the tram over 30 years. They have spent 7.5m reducing bus services by 30% in Gedling in another failed election promise.

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  1. The Tories promised to remove the bus plug and got elected on this promise. Even though it may cost £7.5m to do so, that's what they must do.

    They could either cut education and social services even more than they intend to or they could open a second hand car lot at County Hall. After all they have expertise in this business with "Honest Dick" (AKA Cllr Richard Jackson) in charge of their transport policy.