Wednesday, 30 September 2009

How to Sell Your Own Grandmother

It is often said that to be a good second hand car dealer you need to be able to sell your own grandmother. Well Nottinghamshire transport suprimo and ex second hand car dealer Richard (the Mason) Jackson obviously was able to put all his sales skills to good effort in delivering the votes of some independent councillors against the tram scheme last week.

It has now come out how he did it. It's rumoured that he went and spoke to each of the independents individually and offered them money saved for extra bus services in their area. He also said in the papers that the money spent on the tram would be twice the bus budget (we now know this is wrong).

So given that the amounts saved per year on the tram (now said to be about £0.3m/pa) which is less than 2% of the annual bus budget (not the 100% saving he claimed in the Evening post) it seems he has given away the same small pot of money 8 times to 8 different people.

He has effectively sold the same bus to 8 different people, all to use on different routes, all at the same time (about half a wheel each). As they say in the motor trade "they have bought a wrong-un".

Nottinghamshire has no more grandmothers left to sell.

I understand that at least one independent is "fuming".

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