Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Well actually to be fair to Ms Cutts the items you have seen about the Forest Ground are not 100% true. As with all things they are achievable if you want to do them.

You could build a 45000 seater stadium on the forest site you would just need to knock down half the houses in Lady Bay and those remaining would get no light. Plus such a scheme has no parallel development that would allow regeneration or legacy for the area. So why does Kay Cutts support demolishing all these homes. We don’t know, so we have looked to history to see if tells us any lessons.

Of course Lady Bay is not a Tory area and if you follow Tory history Dame Shirley Porter (the millionaire Tesco heiress and convicted gerrymanderer,) of Westminster Council was found guilty of deliberately trying to get rid of people not likely to vote Tory by moving them into asbestos ridden council houses to try and cook the election books. So is Kay the new Dame Shirley?

OF COURSE NOT. This wont be happening in the Parish of Nottinghamshire as it would require some prior thought, planning and some ability to think up such a policy.

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