Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shutting Schools

The Tories at County Hall are considering closing Serlby Park comprehensive school in Harwoth & Bircotes, a former mining town the far north of the County and sending the kids 10 miles away to failing Retford Oaks school in leafy Tory Retford to boost the falling numbers at that school. All to the understandable fury of all concerned at Serlby Park.

Yesterday a demo took place at County Hall and the pupils and parents were treated to a lecture from Tory Cabinet Member and ex- teacher Philip Owen. He was asked by a child what the annual cost to the County Council would be to transport all the pupils attending Serlby Park school 10 miles to Retford Oaks and back.

The answer......£330,000!! For kids bus fairs!!

And this is an administration elected on a programme of Cutts..oops cuts.

His answer was met with a collective gasp and gales of laughter by everyone present.

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