Tuesday, 29 September 2009

There are Lies Dammed Lies and Richard (the Mason) Jackson

There are lies dammed lies and statistics. Well it now seems that ex Car dealer Cllr Richard (the Mason) Jackson cant do simple maths.

When the county pulled out the tram he said widely as follows

"Our financial contribution to this project would have been the equivalent of doubling our support for bus services across the county and I feel there are much more cost-effective ways of improving public transport for all county residents, which we will now be able to focus on."

So based on this, you would think that if the cost of bus subsidy in Nottinghamshire is nearly £13m per year (in fact its more than that), then the tram would also cost £13m per year.


On the latest figures we have obtained the tram savings by pulling out will be 13m over about 30 years or £0.43m per year a fraction of the bus subsidy.

The fact that the trams costs are over time was clearly made in Jacksons report to the council last week. So is this deliberately misleading or is it because he cant add up and is just plain incompetent.

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  1. With reference to your last paragraph... I suggest it is both of the above.