Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hucknall can plug off

Last month I revealed how it would cost £7.5 m to take out the Gedling bus plug as promised by the Conservatives. It gets worse. A source in Westminster tells me that when Transport minister Sadiq Khan came to Nottingham on 31 July he had two projects to announce: £540m for phase 2 of the tram and £10m for the Hucknall Inner Relief Road. He was to take the tram to Hucknall to announce the latter. However, he was advised by his civil servants that the county can't be trusted at the moment as they have "messed us about" with the Gedling Bus plug.

Mr Khan caught the tram as far as the Old Market Square and then went back to London. No doubt he has a better more reliable home for the £10m.

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