Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Flat Wheel Over The Tram

Despite Richard (the mason) Jacksons announcements today on the tram, a leak from county hall has said the Tories are apparently split over the issue. It has been overheard that he has been derided by one of his colleagues as “clueless”.

Also it has been suggested that Rushcliffe Tories are fed up with top NIMBY councilor Gordon Wheeler (who just happens to live on the proposed tram route) throwing his toys out the pram when he cant get his own way on the issue. He must be privately livid with the new administration for not being able to stop the scheme going past his garden in the first place.

Its taken nearly five months for the Muppets to get this far and their only transport policy to date is to say please park in a pub car park if you can and catch the bus.

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