Friday, 25 September 2009

U-Turn on bus-pass use on tram

Following the vote yesterday to withdraw from the tram. A knock on was that it seems that Ms Cutts and her feckless transport spokesman and ex car-dealer Richard (the mason) Jackson did not know about, was that they could also by default withdraw from the free tram travel agreement that allowed county residents to use the tram free on their bus passes.

However in what appears to be a U-Turn they have now said they wont withdraw from the free tram travel deal in what seems a humiliating climb down.

However they also said they would save £30m over 30 years (i.e 1m/year) if they pulled out from the tram which turned out to be £18m, less the costs of withdrawing which we have now been told could be up to £5M (so 13m saved not 30m).

Actions speak louder than words watch this space.

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