Sunday, 13 September 2009

Next for Removal?

Whats next for removal (well for once this is not related to the rumoured sacking of a member of the council).

In fact it relates to the removal of items from County Hall of value and heritage which Ms Cutts finds offensive. It is said the main items gone have been removed because they reflect the industrial and in part history of working class people in Nottinghamshire mainly related to mining, textiles and the social movement.

So far we have been told that stained glass windows reflecting some of these and a memorial to the child migrants trust have gone, as well as an expensive scale model of Cutts pet hate the tram. (We assume because when she saw it, it reminded her of her total and abject failure to stop it as promised at the election).

Well it is alleged from two source that the next thing potentially being considered for removal from county hall by Ms Cutts is a war memorial. That's all we know, we dont know which one and it would be a scandal if it were true, we really hope we have this wrong for once.


  1. I caught sight of a Daily Mail headline today which read something like "Fears of Return to 1930's Fascism". Do you suppose they were talking about Ms Cutts?

  2. I hear that one of the war memorial plaques was removed today. Is it being brassoed for good presentation's sake, or can we expect the other plaque, display board and relief to be unceremoniously removed tomorrow? Watch this space...