Thursday, 10 September 2009

Kay Cutts says FA Off

Kay Cutts said during the election that she and the tories were the party of small business. What she did not say was that she wanted to create all these small businesses out of the major ones we have in Nottinghamshire.

This was further evidenced this week when she shot herself in the foot again and showed once again she has not got a clue whats going on. A combined initiative between all the local councils (including the County) and local business has been ongoing for some time and aims to encourage and help the UK win the bid to host the 2018 world cup. Submissions have been made to FIFA and the bid is supported in London by all the major parties.

What does Ms Cutts do in the Post this week publicly announce she going to try and stop it against national and local policy. What kind of impression does this create.

Someone in London has said she is being watched now.

Is she David Camerons biggest liability?.

1 comment:

  1. Clearly her raison d'etre is to get up Jon Collins' nose and to oppose anything that any labour administration past, present or future has done, is doing or is ever likely to do.

    In the few short months she's been in charge, she's tried to scupper the tram extension, destroy Nottingham's World Cup bid and even to remove the Burton Joyce bus plug so that well-heeled Tories can get their 4x4's to the shops more easily.

    Stay there Ms Cutts, I say, you're a valuable asset to the Labour party.