Wednesday, 18 November 2009

157,000 Reasons Why Notts County Council is Run by Hypocrites

As you know the county is cutting back on a huge number of services and grants to the poor, elderly and disabled. Including travel grants, bus subsidies, closing libraries and saving £30,000 on school uniform grants and benefit services. Many of the services will plunge a huge number of children in our county in to what is technically classed as poverty by removing the support they need.

The main reason for the cutts is to make sure there is no increase in council tax. This will obviously have most benefit for those in large houses and with wide property interests such as Ms Cutts.

But while advice and support for the most vulnerable is being cut. One member of the council is getting more social security than anyone else. Tory Cabinet member and Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Gedling; Bruce Laughton who took one of the new cabinet posts created by Cutts at the higher expenses rate voted in by Cutts during week one in power has had a £157,000 pay out from Europe (see Here).

While wanting to wean others off benefits, he is obviously addicted to them. This may explain why the subsidy junkie was able to turn up at county hall in his new porsche recently.

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