Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I'm all right Bruce

Just as you thought the Conservative County Council under the direction of Kay Cutts had reached the pits they manage to go a step further.

For years there has been a very useful help-line for those who are desperate. Usually women fleeing a violent relationship, youngsters desperately avoiding the streets or those who simply can't cope with all the pressures put upon us. The welfare advice number is 0845 601 5943 and thousands have received valuable help. In fact it's been a lifeline to many.

Now in a real penny pinching exercise Ms Cutts wants to close it down. The cabinet will vote on this tomorrow. Let's hope (but I'm not holding my breath) that they will see the valuable work done by these few people, sitting in Woodthorpe - the only hope to so many vulnerable people.

If you have received help from this service or know someone who has then please let me know. I shan't publish names just people's real life stories.

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