Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cutts as expected

It seems the poppy being up-side down was an accurate sign of how things really are. Today I can reveal where the money needed to fund the election pledges and favours (3 extra cabinet posts, plans to reduce public transport dependency, actions to remove all references to anything Kay Cutts doesn’t like etc) will come from. Here is a brief summary:

Children and Young people – delete 31 posts.

Sell off all residential care homes

47% rise in homecare charges and 67% rise in meal service prices, 86% rise in day care transport for the most vulnerable.

40% cut in staff training

£250,000 cut from the welfare rights budget

Homecare contact to be cut by 50%

£525,000 cut in the Library service plus the Mansfield coffee shop to close.

Recycling centres to close

Libraries to become self service. (That should be good for the chavs)

£200,000 reduction in coalfield regeneration

£500,000 reduction in community safety (the chavs will to busy reading self-serve library books)

Highways and the environment 46 posts to be deleted.

However, this still leaves a significant gap in their finance once the £7.5m is paid to remove the Gedling bus plug and the money as below for IKEA (they must do these). As expected they have made most of the cuts to services in the north of the county and to affect the most vulnerable in our society.

There are no proposed Cutts in the number of cabinet posts.

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