Thursday, 5 November 2009

That's the way the money goes

I showed here how some of the money cut from the most vulnerable in our society will be spent by the Conservative administration. A source has provided me with another large expense under consideration following a clear election pledge:

The roundabout on the A610 near IKEA is a bit of a bottleneck. During a recent bye-election this became a bit of a hot potato and the Conservative Candidate promised to "sort it out". Now the cost of "sorting it out", which will involve slip roads and a new bridge is coming to light - £6.8m. As she got elected on this promise, this money, like that for the Gedling bus plug (£7.5m) and the tram (£5m) must be found - hence today's Cutts.

1 comment:

  1. Like the vocal locals who want the Gedling bus plug removing, I assume the minor congestion near Ikea is probably irritating the impatient 4 x 4 brigade who have much more important things to do than wait in traffic queues like the rest of us...

    ...and who are much more important to the Tories than us peasants who catch the bus and will probably vote Labour anyway.