Friday, 5 March 2010

If You Could Not Laugh You Would Cry

A Witness to the recent sham debate on the budget Cutts has reported as follows

"I popped along to the Nottinghamshire County Council budget meeting for a couple of hours. The Conservatives found great amusement in the plans to cut funding for mental and physical therapy for mentally and physically disabled children and adults at the Dukeries College in Nottinghamshire, which serves a very large part of the Newark & Sherwood and Bassetlaw constituencies. They all sat and laughed at the idea to withdraw the service."

The View of my corespondent was they could not care less and thought the most serious budget debate in years was a joke.

The names of those who were laughing will appear in due course after I have checekd a few other bits in the confessional about there sham behaviour. I am told a lot of people are very upset with the way they behaved

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