Monday, 7 December 2009

Solace for the Workforce

While many Council employees on Cutts hit list face an uncertain future and a Christmas of worry about their future prosperity. It seems Cutts needs a new spin doctor to get her message across.

If you fancy writing propaganda for the Vogon on over 70K a year and a fat pension please apply here. Perhaps you could start by justifying your own existence or explaining what good value you represent or the value we get from the extra expenses Cutts and her cronies awarded themselves

However, it seems only the trendy can apply. After all you only have to see the crass wording of the advert to see that the recruitment consultant Solace Enterprises (Sorry they call themselves “Improvement Consultants”) have walked straight out the TV program the Office.

(click here to view the expensive advert in the national press)

Or Click here to see it in its full glory on the council site.

However why should they care. To find the new Bull S**T merchant they will be doing very nicely. (such consultants normally get paid nearly a years and sometimes more of the posts salary to find the person).

So that’s at least three care-workers sacked to pay for Cutts message monger.

Can I suggest that all those on threat of redundancy apply.

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  1. Having read the advert, presumably they aren't looking for someone who can actually speak in sentences...