Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Keith (Tourettes now F*** Off) Girling is a TW*T

Keith “Tourettes now F*** Off” Girling as he is now known in County Hell turns out is really a delicate flower (TW*T).

So much so we have now been told via a high level tory leak that the porcine TW*T allegedly had a formal caution placed on a member of county hell staff’s record for swearing in front of him (TW*T) recently. We are told although the person apologised this was not good enough for our Keith (TW*T), and formal disciplinary action had to be taken.

Perhaps this just another example of Tory double standards or maybe Keith (Tourettes now F*** Off) Girling is just an overweight TW*T.

Sorry for any offence Keith only joking

And by the way that is "TWIT"!

Only Joking,

No offence intended.

:) LOL

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