Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Let them Eat Cake. (They can't afford lunch)

The Vogon rarely puts in any appearance around the more public areas of County Hall these days, preferring to scuttle from her car to her now beautifully appointed (at tax payers expense) office on the secure "Members" corridor, from where she summons officers to receive her opprobrium on whatever subject is preoccupying her.

She is never seen tucking into the fare served in the staff dining room (Riverside Diner). The same cannot be said for some of her sidekicks. Councillors Adair, Jackson and Vincent Dobson can often be seen with trotters at the trough.

They tuck into a good meal (on expenses) for a lot less than the £5 which it is rumoured they now think "all pensioners can afford to pay" for meals on wheels.

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