Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Vogon Live or selective deafness

The Vogon in another nauseating performance on TV referred once again to the Big Conversation saying she had consulted the people of Nottinghamshire through The Big Conversation and cuts were being made where the people of Nottinghamshire had indicated they wanted to see them.

So just how Big is the The Big Conversation. We have been told that in a very recent assessment of the survey 800 responses to the big conversation had been received. This is out of about 750,000 residents of Nottinghamshire representing a percentage return of 0.1% of the population!

Further analysis of the survey showed a significant proportion of these returns were received from Rushcliffe (they are known to speak Vogon).

The Vogon continues to use this "Conversation" as an example of the will of the people of Nottinghamshire. This has been described by senior officers in Private as nothing short of scandalous and an abuse of democracy.

Coun Cutts hides behind a flimsy 0.1% of the population of Nottinghamshire to justify the dismemberment of our services for dogmatic reasons, with a majority of two on the council based on a few hundred votes either way in marginal seats.

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  1. Instead of this ridiculous Big Conversation, councillors should get off their arses and visit those who will be affected by the cuts... that's all of us.

    If they put a tenth of the energy into genuinely and proactively finding out what we really think, as they put into getting elected in the first place, the picture might look a little different.

    We are supposed to have a representative democracy but these jokers can't truly represent us if the only way we're consulted on big issues like public service cuts is via a gimmicky internet campaign.