Saturday, 30 October 2010

Sneinton Lil's Land Grab

Sneinton Lil as the Vogon is affectionately known in some quarters is rumoured to be looking forward to her next personal land grab.

If you invest in farm land or woodlands after two years it becomes immune form inheritance tax (seven years for every one else) and investment in some woodland carries a 30% tax rebate every year on the sum invested to offset against other income. These are well known tax dodges of the rich and famous and finance industry bonus junkies, as well as country landowners. However often it is a shortage of supply of land at the right price that makes such tax avoidance techniques difficult.

How nice then that Mr Cameron is now flogging off all our forests to his mates like Sneinton Lil. This increases supply of land to help them avoid having to pay the extra tax he claims they are having to pay, while he kicks 80000 families on the street by withdrawing their support. It is estimated there are 100,000 homeless kids in the UK with more to come.

Sneinton Lil is said to have her eye on the whole of Sherwood Forrest and wants to move into the great oak, so she can continue her inverse robin hood act and gain her revenge, after hundreds of years, on that terrible bow and arrow commie.

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  1. *holds head in hands with despair*

    Cheers for picking up the tax issues, I can't imagine that's well known.